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Reward Framework

In a professional context it often happens that private or corporate clients.

Reward Framework

We help our clients reward their talent using an integrated approach to managing total compensation. Our model includes either implementing our proprietary benefits, compensation and payroll technology platforms or supporting existing


Time and attendance, on- and off-cycle pay, garnishments and taxes and accounting.


Administration of salary, bonus and stock options; salary surveys; and total rewards communication.


Program delivery and administration; recordkeeping and reconciliation; benefit accounting; invoice review and payment; and supplier sourcing and management for health and welfare, defined contribution and defined benefit programs.

Strategy, Optimization, and Communication

Total Rewards Solutions range from defining Total Rewards Strategy, optimizing Total Rewards, and educating employees and candidates about the total annual value of the rewards you provide them.

Performance Management

A good performance management system works towards the improvement of the overall organizational performance by managing the performances of teams and individuals for ensuring the achievement of the overall organizational ambitions and goals. Improved organizational performance, employee retention and loyalty, improved productivity, overcoming the barriers to communication, clear accountabilities, and cost advantages. Saves time and reduces conflicts, ensures efficiency and consistency in performance. Clarifies expectations of the employees, self-assessment opportunities clarifies the job accountabilities and contributes to improved performance, clearly defines career paths and promotes job satisfaction.

Compensation Management

HRD India will gives compensation managers unique insight into what line managers are doing while simplifying and automating many of the extremely complex planning processes. For line managers, we provides a secure, strategic, easy-to-use decision support tool that makes their comp planning tasks faster, easier and more accurate. From cyclical planning for a global organization to budget allocations at the line manager level we give planners the tool they need to truly automate and simplify the entire compensation planning process.

Jonas Salk

"The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more"